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Electronic Products Design (EPD) was founded in 1988 with an aim to design and develop electronic products preferably in the embedded computer field. Their first product, the EPD EPROM emulator was the first product of its kind commercially available in South Africa and enjoyed a huge success. To this day it is still used by embedded microcomputer designers. In 1993 EPD acquired the Ampro agency which, as the founder of the PC/104 embedded computer standard, was a natural fit to EPD's core business. EPD has now naturally divided into a marketing and engineering leg. The marketing side focused on the provision of Ampro and other PC/104 products while the engineering leg developed products based on PC/104. This allowed EPD to have in-depth technical knowledge about the products they sold and to develop niche products.

The company is now based in the Highveld Technopark, Centurion - just South of Pretoria.

Whatever intelligence you want to embed, chances are a PC will provide a more flexible solution. Electronic Products Design has a long history of embedded application experience, and can fulfill all your embedded system needs, from providing PC/104 modules to producing entire hardware and software embedded solutions to your requirements.

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Electronic Products Design offers the following products for export:

EPD PC/104 PSU (Pictured below)


EPD mains input power supply 30W, 5V 3A, -5V 250mA, +12V 500mA & -12V 500mA, Toroidal transformer, low noise linear regulators for ±12V, input fuse and PC/104 format.

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Keypad encoder

The typical embedded system needs some user input. Usually this is provided in the form of a keypad or discrete switches. A good way of accepting this input would be to use the keyboard port, and this is what the EPD Keyboard Encoder provides. It allows up to 25 discrete switches or a 5 by 5 keypad to emulate a normal PC or XT keyboard. The heart of the unit is a 20 pin 80C51 type CPU that performs all the keypad scanning, key debouncing and serial communications. On the user programming side, the keypad looks just like a normal keyboard, and can be read very easily.

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EPD-KBD-K-00 Keypad encoder Quick Start Kit.
EPD-KBD-001 Keypad encoder 5x5 AT/XT chip only
EPD-KBD-002 Keypad encoder 6x4 AT/XT chip only
EPD-KBD-003 Keypad Keypad encoder 16x8 Assembly

Other Products

Electronic Products Design is the stocking distributor of the following PC/104 products:

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