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About Ampro

Ampro invented the industry standards for the most widely used off-the-shelf embedded PC SBCs, such as the PC/104 and EBX form factor standards.

Ampro offers several lines of SBCs to meet distinct system requirements. Ampro’s EBX-compatible LittleBoard products, originated in 1983, are truly “rugged” by design. Ampro CoreModule CPUs, first shipped in 1990, bring these rugged characteristics to small, stacking PC/104 architecture. And new EPIC form-factor ReadyBoard products are optimized for price rather than rugged features, for high-volume commercial applications. These product families all use the same PC/104 and PC/104-Plus expansion interfaces, so that Ampro’s broad line of MiniModule peripheral modules, first shipped in 1987, round out the feature set of your system.

The embedded features and options and PC/104 add-on cards offered by Ampro are extensive, you can visit their web site www.ampro.com for more information.

Featured Products

ETX 700

 ETX 700
Rugged Pentium® III/Celeron® Module
Thick, rugged, extended temperature ETX module that plugs into your custom baseboard.
-40° to +85°C operation
Thicker PCB for rigidity
Conformal Coating available

ReadyBoard 550

ReadyBoard™ 550
Eden™ Mid-sized EPIC SBC
Ideal for high volume embedded applications that need low power and low cost in new mid-sized EPIC form factor with PC-style connectors.
Choice of 1GHz, 533MHz or 300MHz Via Eden processor
4 Serial, 4 USB ports
PC/104-Plus expansion

LittleBoard 700

LittleBoard™ 700
Pentium® III/Celeron®
Cost-effective choice for high volume, rugged, embedded designs with high performance and low power/heat requirements.
933MHz, 650MHz or 400MHz
embedded processsor
Less than 10W under load
-40° to +85°C operation


QuickStart Kit, 1GHz Board w/512MB DDR RAM, Cables,
Documentation, Software, RoHS
1GHz Celeron, 0MB RAM, Ethernet, Video, RoHS

XTX 830

XTX with ultra high Core™ Duo Performance

XTX 830

Ampro is pleased to announce the launch for XTX 830 COM product, XTX 830 offers Intel Core™ Duo and Celeron M processors.  COM products are one of the fastest growing segments in embedded industry.  It offers customers modular technology making it easy to adopt new and upcoming technology and offer ease of migration from ETX based products.

If you have any product-related questions, please feel free to ask.



ReadyBoard 820

ReadyBoard 820

In late September they introduced the first EPIC Express product on the market at ESC Boston, the ReadyBoard 820.  The PC/104 consortium recently adopted the EPIC Express specification and now it seems they have beaten all other companies by getting their product to market quicker.

The EPIC Express ReadyBoard is the same size (4.5 by 6.5 inch) as our other EPIC Products.  The difference is the use of the new PCI Express connectors designed for the EPIC Express standard.

The Buzz on the introduction of this product was very exciting.  A leading industry analyst called it the best of show and stated, ”This product begins a new generation of innovation for Ampro as they look to be technology leaders with other upcoming solutions such as PC/104 Express.

“One editor of well-respected industry magazine even wrote, “the ReadyBoard 820 is a sign of things to come.”


Interested in learning more about XTX?
Visit the website: www.xtx-standard.org


“COM Products are entrenched in the
embedded computer board industry Systems OEMs have embraced COM solutions that combine the convenience of an off-the-shelf CPU with the flexibility of a custom baseboard design.  This size and connector flexibility takes COM architectures in applications that cannot be served efficiently by any fixed form of-the-shelf Single Board Computer (SBC).

Ampro Introduces MightySystem™ for Embedded Media Applications

The new MightySystem is a turn-key computer system in a Mini-ITX form factor that allows OEMs and solution providers to build systems that greatly improves graphics and data processing performance in a small footprint.

"Our MightySystem uses the world's smallest PCI express motherboard and brings a new level of performance to embedded computers allowing our customers to quickly deploy new technologies in digital media applications such as media information terminals, gaming and digital advertising."

Ampro's MightySystem computer products are available with Windows® XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE, and a full Linux® 2.6 distribution to help customers, OEMs, and system integrators rapidly deploy Ampro products into their small form factor application environments.



Ampro Extends PCI Express™ Leadership to Embedded Motherboards

Featuring the small Mini-ITX and EPIC Express™ form factors, respectively, these advanced technology single board computers (SBC’s) allow embedded system manufacturers to greatly improve graphics, communications, and data processing bandwidth while reducing overall system footprint.

These products complement Ampro's existing PCI Express Computer-on-Module product line (XTX form factor) for applications that do not need a custom carrier board, using Intel® processors to 2.0 GHz with PCI Express™ graphics and I/O, Gigabit Ethernet, Serial ATA (SATA) storage, USB 2.0, up to 2GB DDR2 RAM, and ACPI power management. In addition, Ampro's MightySystem™ and ReadySystem™ computers include these boards, for ready-to-run applications.

QuickStart Kits for these products include drivers and Board Support Packages (BSPs) for Windows® XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE, and a full Linux® 2.6 distribution.


Ampro has converted the ReadyBoard 710 to comply with the European Union RoHS
(Reduction of Hazardous Materials) directive, which removed lead (Pb) and other hazardous materials from the circuit board and components.

At the same time, Ampro is updating the BIOS from General Software version 5.3 to version 5.33b in order to get the latest support for USB boot devices.

With the circuit board layout changing to accommodate RoHS components, Ampro has added several features:

• Compact Flash voltage select jumper has been added, for customers who want a choice of +5V or +3.3V Compact Flash supply voltage.

• A connector has been added for SMBus to allow customers to attach additional
low-speed devices or I/O on the SMBus (an I2C-style two-wire bus).

Effective immediately, the Q- model board is no longer available. Instead, the following
New R- model (designating “RoHS” compliance) must be used on all new purchase orders.

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