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Imagenation provide a large selection of frame grabbers for ISA bus, PCI bus, PC/104 and PC/104-Plus. They cover a wide range of resolutions and video formats and are typically used in security, medical and traffic control applications. They also provide a complete PC/104 based integrated solution for machine vision (MV) systems. Their MV cell includes a PC/104 Little Board, CX 104 Frame Grabber, LED illumination, a 768x494 pixel CCD array and on board Optimas XCaliper machine vision software that can be programmed to perform a variety of automated inspection tasks. For more information, please visit www.imagenation.com.


PC/104 and PC/104-Plus frame grabbers

Your Guide to 20/20 Machine Vision Match our frame grabber to your machine vision system

Frame Grabber

The PXD digital frame grabber offers data rates high enough for the most demanding video capture applications. Compatible with single, dual or four channel cameras, the PXD comes with a camera configuration application that makes it exceptionally easy to set up and use.

>>See the PXD overview

>>Tech support for PXD

Analog Mono/Color
Frame Grabber

The PXC provides high accuracy and low pixel jitter for color and monochrome applications. Complete with features normally only found in more expensive boards, the PXC is an easy to integrate value for industrial and commercial applications.

>>See the PXC overview

>>Tech support for PXC

Analog Monochrome
Frame Grabbers

The PXR features superior I/O real-time control capabilities for precise timing and event synchronization. Dual mode DMA and image FIFO memory guarantees grabs. The CX is an ISA bus frame grabber with video output and an option for video overlay.

>>See the PXR overview
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>>See the CX overview
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Focus on. . Visual Basic .Net and the Imagenation PXD1000

The Imagenation PXD1000 frame grabber can now be programmed with Visual Basic .Net in addition to C#, C/C++ and Visual Basic 6.0. If you are a VB .Net programmer.


Imagenation Products (drivers, samples, manuals)

PXR Series


Precision monochrome frame grabber for real-time I/O for the PCI bus.

PXD Series


Digital frame grabber for the PCI bus.

PXC Series


Low-cost colour and monochrome frame grabber for the PCI, PC/104Plus, and CompactPCI buses.
PXC200-L, PXC200-F, and SP2019

PX Series


Precision monochrome frame grabber for the PCI, PC/104Plus, and CompactPCI buses.
PX500, PX510, PX610, and PX610A

CX Series


Precision monochrome frame grabber for the ISA and PC/104 buses.
CX100 and CX104



Precision monochrome frame grabber for the ISA bus. Discontinued in 1995 and replaced by the CX Series.



4 to 1 video multiplexer for the ISA bus.

Image Processing Partners (drivers and interfaces)

Automation Manager -- drivers


Automation Manager is a graphical software package for the creation of application programs to control machines and inspect/gauge products.


Common Vision Blox (CVB) -- drivers


Common Vision Blox is a set of configurable software tools for developing machine vision applications. It is a product of Stemmer Imaging GmbH.


HALCON -- drivers


HALCON is a machine vision tool for application development. MVTec Software GmbH distributes it.


XCaliper -- drivers


XCaliper is a Microsoft Windows NT precision measurement tool for industrial inspection and machine vision. It is distributed by FSI Automation.


VisionBlox -- drivers


VisionBlox is a Microsoft Windows NT 32-bit ActiveX based vision tool set. It is a product of Integral Vision.


Optimas -- drivers


OPTIMAS is software for image analysis in Windows 95 / 98 and Windows NT 4.0. It is distributed by Media Cybernetics.


Providing responsive, technical support is a top priority for Imagenation. In our technical support section you will find information about all the Imagenation frame grabber products, including downloadable product manuals and guides, example source code and compatible image processing software.
If you don't find the technical product information you're looking for we have a dedicated technical support group available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. ­ 5 p.m. (PST).
Call toll-free 1-800-366-9131, or call 503-495-2200
E-mail CSsupport@cyberoptics.com
Fax 503-495-2201
For all other inquiries please call or e-mail CSinfo@cyberoptics.com

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