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PIP (Packaged Industrial PC)

PIP (Packaged Industrial PC)

Various technologies and performance (133 - 933MHz, Intel & PowerPC)
Noiseless, no fan's,
System power consumption as low as 4 Watts, with Pentium III 700MHz only 17W
HDD, Floppy, PC/104... can be install in housing
Long term availability due the use of components from the Embedded program
Rugged solution for use in medicine, railways, trucks, Industry.......

MIP (MPL Industrial PC)

MIP (MPL Industrial PC)

PC/104 Form factor and universal modules
PowerPC, ARM, Intel technologies
Low power modules starting at 2 Watts
Standard and extended temperature solution available

IPM (Industrial PC Modules)

IPM (Industrial PC Modules)

CompactPCI and Gespac Bus solutions
Motorola and Intel solutions
All boards are low power consumption optimized
Standard and extended temperature solution available
Peripheral boards



SCSI PC-Card Drives (Single and dual slot solutions), MCDISK
RS232 PC Card Drives, MCRW Desktop and 3.5" open frame versions
Available in extended temperature (-25°C - +85°C)
The products are made for industrial use in rugged
Used in digital photography, aviation, industry,



PC/104 and PC/104-Plus extensions
Remote Man-Machine Interface Solutions (REMMI)
IDE based storage solutions For PIPs, MIPs, IPMs and third party products
Special solutions for special requirements
Tested reliability
Installed and wired (PIP) if requested so



Experience in development of customer specific products since 1985
Use of state-of-the-art technologies around microprocessors, DSP.....
Broad experience in low power designs, extended temperature designs
HW and SW designs
Solution that are being used in Intrinsic safe applications Medicine, Transportation, Defense as well as Industry and Aviation
Single board solutions or complete systems are our experience

PIP used in Explosion Protected Area (Mines)

Since 35 years Hansen+Reinders is a competent and reliable partner in electrical & automation equipment used in flameproof and explosion protected mining areas. Hansen+Reinders develops and produces according international standards like DIN and RAG.


The PIP7 is used in explosive protected environment of Ex “d” (Intrinsic safe).
The PIP is used as the main processing unit in a decentralised I/O-concept using Profibus-DP.

All components have to be fanless since the cabinet is completely isolated without any airflow and therefore with a low heat dissipation at max. power.

The environment temperatures can get very high and sometimes even exceed +75°C. Needless to say that the reliability is a major issue as well.

Reasons for using MPL products

MPL products used

PIP Example

PIP Example

Embedded PC withstands 100G

The test underlines the ruggedness and quality of MPL embedded PC solutions which are designed from scratch for rugged applications without compromises.

Car test

The tested Industrial PC (PIP10, Pentium M 1.4GHz) designed by MPL AG, is a fanless, compact, robust, and high quality Embedded Computer with a guaranteed long-term availability. The PIP Family, including the PIP10, has been designed specifically for the use in environments with vibrations and shocks.

The key for a successful and reliable product that will withstand vibrations and shocks, is a down to the component level tuned concept and therefore can be used reliable in railways, ships, and automotive applications. It includes the design and construction of the PCB, the
housing, and the planing of the final assembly and mounting possibilities for the accessories (PMC & PC/104 Module, GPS...).

Most in the market available solutions use the reference design of Intel that has been done for commercial PCs. Needless to say that this is definitively not the right solution as it obviously does not offer the robustness required over time as the design target was different one. The special and compact design of the PIP offers clear advantages compared to other IPCs. A PIP comes with an on-board
power supply (8 - 28VDC) as well as a full set of interfaces already on-board so no special internal cabling is required.

In shock & vibration environments, the housing plays a major role. It must be adjusted to the form factor of the PCB and must offer a good stability. A standard sheet metal housing, as available on the market is not sufficient to those requirements and therefore not adequate.

Also of highly important in a vibration & shock tolerant system is to select the best connectors available on the market to prevent failures. Key is the contact pressure of the connector and the gold plating of the contacts. The market is offering very inexpensive not to say cheap connectors which reduce the cost but also the reliability of the so called Industrial PCs.

Only a design without compromises as described above, allow an Embedded Computer System to withstand shock and vibrations (as found for example in industry, nautical, and transportation application) reliable over years. The PIP
Concept of MPL AG has proven its reliability in the past by countless applications all over the world.

Only a design without compromises as described above, allow an Embedded Computer System to withstand shock and vibrations (as found for example in industry, nautical, and transportation application) reliable over years. The PIP
Concept of MPL AG has proven its reliability in the past by countless applications all over the world.

A real robust Embedded Computer should never depend on a complex Heat Pipe Systems, as those will not withstand such conditions (shock & vibrations) over a long period of time. Much better is an excellent effective passive cooling as used in the PIP concept. But this is only possible with the right PCB design and construction as described previously. In comparison to most in the market available products, the PIP10 and the PIP concept differentiate in various areas and make it to the best and reliable solution for tough environments.


MPL AG also has experience in development of High-Speed cameras, which have been use in combination with the PIP in crash test for the car industry.

High-Speed camera equipment

PMC Slot extension for fanless embedded PC

Support for up to three PMC modules in all PIP's.

The MPL fanless, compact and robust Packed Industrial PC series (PIP) can now be expanded with up to three standard PMC modules! The customer gets the possibility to use rugged, robust standard PMC modules in a small hard packed embedded PC and benefits at the end from an integral compact, rugged and reliable PC solution.

The PIP specific PMC baseboard (PIPPMC-1) supports the required +3.3V, +5V, -12V and +12V to the PMC modules. Depending on the ± 12V option, either ± 250mA is available for all three PMC slots or ± 250mA for each of the three PMC slots. The used VIO voltages for the PMC modules are customer selectable with key bolts on the baseboard between 3.3V and 5V. To give the user maximum expansion flexibility, the solution offers sufficient space for an additional PC/104-Plus card even if the PMC baseboard is stacked into the PIP with only 83mm heights.

The combination of PIP and PIPPMC is a complete, compact and clever system solution for harsh environment and mission critical applications. The added PMC slots in a fanless, rugged, small packed PC like the PIP offer new possibilities in defense, avionics and railway projects.

The PIP series is offered with a wide processor range from 5x86 with 133MHz up to Pentium M with 1.8GHz! Due to the excellent power efficiency all PIPs can be ordered in extended temperature versions, for –40°C up to +75°C, without the need of fans or any opening in the rugged aluminium housing. MIL versions are available too.

All MPL products are designed, produced and tested in Switzerland. MPL is your reliable partner to work with today as well as tomorrow.

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