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Features include:

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Embedded Modems:

Complete Modem Modules for Embedded Systems
Xecom utilizes hybrid modem technology to provide embedded system designers with complete modems supporting data rates of 300 BPS to 56K.

DAA Modules:

Telephone Line Interface Components
Xecom DAA Modules enable applications which rely on voice, audio, or DTMF Signaling.

Wireless Networking:

FHSS Wireless Transceivers
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum wireless data networking for POS, Remote Monitoring, Remote Data Collection, factory floor and many other applications.

Embedded Wireless Solutions

Xecom's XE900S-500 and XE900SL10,   900MHZ FHSS Transceivers, featured on the cover of the February 2004 issue of Wireless Systems Design, allow systems designers a choice in selecting the best wireless solution. A choice in size, range, output power and price

The World's Smallest  Modems

XE2420G .95" by .95" by .29"
XE5620G .95" by .95" by .35"
• Surface-mount Package
• Fits in 68-Pin PLCC Socket
• Transferable FCC Registration.


Machine-to-Machine Wireless Xecom now offers smart transceivers in the 2.4 GHz and 900MHz ISM band. The XE24S100 and XE24S500 join the XE900S-500 and XE900SL10 to provide wireless solutions for Point-of-Sale, Remote Monitoring, Data Collection, factory floor and other applications. The XE24S100 and XE24S500 also offer the option of an on-board chip antenna. With 900MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping transceivers Xecom offers a choice in size, range, power and frequency band. All provide the Xecom unique networking features; Count-Off™ (patent pending) and SensorOnAir™ (patent pending). All models include FCC Part 15 Modular Approval to eliminate customer certification testing.


Modems for Embedded Systems

Xecom modems are complete, pre-certified modems for embedded applications. Xecom recently introduced a family of embedded modems less than half the size of the SocketModem®. The XE2422H, XE5690H, are XE5692H offer lower cost as well as smaller size. The XE2422H costs less than $10 in 50K quantities. Xecom continues to offer the XE5690G world's smallest family of complete modems and the XE5690SM family of high value, high speed modems.


Telephone Line Interface Components

Xecom DAA modules provide access to communications over the telephone line for applications where a complete modem is not needed. The gull-wing XE0092, and leadless XE0092LCC, supplies a cost and space efficient surface-mount telephone line interface solution. These Telephone line interface modules provide an ideal connectivity solution for audio, touch-tone and data applications.

Xecom Targeted Applications

Home Security - Embedded Modems & Wireless
Consumer Markets - World's Smallest Modems
Remote Monitoring - Embedded Modems & Wireless
Irrigation and Water Systems - Embedded Modems & Wireless
Mailing Systems - Embedded Modems
VoIP - Low-Cost Telephone Line Interface modules


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